Precision Varminting offer the following protection packages:

  • Crop and Flock protection
  • Industrial Area, Warehousing and Storage protection
  • Sporting Ground, Public Area and School protection

Before a shoot is conducted a SWMS plan is drawn up and signed off on, Local Police are liaised with at all times to ensure compliance and awareness of the program and your staff made aware of the program. Precision Varminting operates outside your regular business hours where possible to lessen any impact the program has on your day to day operations, as well as minimising any risks to staff and the general public whilst the program is being carried out.

Precision Varminting uses the latest firearm technology to ensure a safe and effective program is carried out, employing highly customised firearms, primarily an Airgun for pigeon programs which is power adjustable which minimises any over penetration issues, is extremely quiet meaning there is no disturbance to surrounding houses or businesses as well as utilising the latest Night Vision technology to better see the surrounding areas and increasing the safety aspect of the shoot and the use of animal and location specific pellets to ensure a humane and safe eradication.

Precision Varminting has a growing clientele base which proves how effective these programs are. We are leading the way in this area of Pest Control, offering an immediate solution to your pest problem unmatched by any other method. We are registered with the Office of Environment and Heritage, as well as being an approved Professional Shooter with Dept of Defence, Local Land Services, National Parks and Wildlife, NSW Catholic Schools, NSW Public Schools and several Local Councils. References are available upon request.